Tax Series eTaxCalendar

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"Effectively manage all important tax dates, cycles and deadlines throughout the year."

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Software Overview

eTaxCalendar is a global tax calendar and risk management software which, in addition to serving basic administrative needs, empowers tax managers with the ability to manage, assess, and ultimately minimize global tax compliance risk as well.

This easy-to-use, feature-rich and true Internet-based product helps corporations streamline their payment tracking processes from any location in real-time. With this software, businesses can efficiently manage all of the important tax dates throughout the calendar year, including due dates for filing tax forms, tax payment due dates, and internal due dates required by global tax filing requirements.

Benefits and Features

  • Powerful Administrative Functions
    Ability to store and track filing due dates and payment amounts; flexibly by entity, date, jurisdiction, tax year, category, and other data elements; maintain a database of certified mail receipt numbers; and schedule, organize, and manage both tax and non-tax obligations for an infinite number of entities within your organization.

  • Streamlined Risk Management Functions
    Can define an automated e-mail notification of pending and overdue items, as well as the automated escalation of pending or overdue items to appropriate personnel for immediate intervention; translate currencies for global reporting; record payments and store proof of payments; generate global reporting of penalties and fines organized by country; generate reports of global compliance failures; and notify the Accounts Payable team of payments.

  • Multi-User Access and Tracking
    Creates complete accountability, due to tracking of users and their activity specifics, especially with the built-in task management which provides up-to-the-minute status tracking. Allows users to responsibly sign off. Under an umbrella of built-in security system.

  • Easy Reporting
    Built-in consolidated reporting tool using Microsoft® Excel® or Adobe® Acrobat® PDF output makes it intuitive to extract data from all packages.