Tax Series eLegalDirectory

Part of the Tax Series Software Suite
"Globally share and maintain a comprehensive database of legal entity information."

Software Overview

eLegalDirectory is a comprehensive tool which allows corporations to maintain and manage a consistent database of legal entity information, that can be shared with the department team across the globe. By allowing corporate tax personnel to store, update, and ultimately import corporate ownership information globally, eLegalDirectory helps users effectively manage, if not lessen, their workload, despite the exponentially increasing amount of data required by the IRS.

This module provides the flexibility to accommodate and conform to any corporate requirements, with the ability to produce corporate organizational structure based on user configurations.

eLegalDirectory is an instrumental and powerful tool in meeting the current data requirements when filing as well as the inevitable changes and new developments in tax processing requirements.

Benefits and Features

  • Maintenance of Legal Entity Data
    Includes the following data types: officer and Director information, corporate charter, minutes, tax filing jurisdiction, local county registration information, corporate addresses, basic contact information, corporate name changes, multi-entity reporting, partnership allocation information, corporate agreements, change in accounting principles, mass replacement for efficient change management, user-defined reports, and user-definable data elements.

  • Capability for Multiple Versions of Organizational Structure
    Dynamic creation of organizational structure based on daily changes to the ownership. Provides user-definable presentation and dynamic linking to entity detail information. Supports global security implementation. Exportable to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visio.

  • Web-Native Software Advantages
    Provides global access and corporate information capabilities, as well as flexible search capability. Capable of multi-entity reporting, and sharing of corporate information. Easy change management.

  • Easy Reporting
    Built-in consolidated reporting tool using Microsoft® Excel® or Adobe® Acrobat® PDF output makes it intuitive to extract data from all packages.