Tax Series eDataCollector

Part of the Tax Series Software Suite
"With this powerful collection and project management tool, harness data for any purpose as you see fit."

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Software Overview

eDataCollector is a powerful data collection and project management tool which allows its users to define, collect, allocate, and report data in real-time, while sharing it globally, if needed. This software allows the user to collect data for any purpose, automate data integration, reuse data at various different user levels, and consolidate data collection for all tax cycle functions.

All functions are streamlined in such a way as to make the process intuitive, effective, and efficient. Can be used for business solution capabilities, local country tax provision data, domestic tax compliance, state tax compliance, international tax compliance, fixed asset, FIN 48, legal entity information, R&D credit support and treasury data collection.

Benefits and Features

  • Flexible Usages
    Software enables user to create user-defined schedules for transfer pricing analysis, international compliance, U.S. federal compliance, U.S. state compliance, foreign provision, E&P study, transfer pricing analysis, R&D credit support, account reconciliation, property tax support, and more. In addition, data can be rolled over from one period to another, and imported directly into data collection schedules.

  • Thorough Gathering
    Gathers data for all tax cycle functions, including provision, return, planning, and audit.

  • Easy Reporting
    Built-in consolidated reporting tool makes it intuitive to extract data from all packages.

  • Increase of Reliability
    A feature which allows the home office and reporting sites to share the same view on a real-time basis, decreases the chance of data misreporting.

  • Viewing of Real-Time Data
    Users at different locations can access, discuss, and update information, all while changes are viewed and seen in real-time during conferences and group meetings. In addition, the system can be accessed globally, providing visibility from anywhere in the world.

  • Documentation Retaining
    A complete audit trail is created in order to support calculations.

  • Collection of Reconciling Information
    Pre-populates balances and ties calculated results back to G/L account or sub-ledger account balances automatically.

  • Multi-User Access and Tracking
    Creates complete accountability, due to tracking of users and their activity specifics, especially with the built-in task management which provides up-to-the-minute status tracking. Allows users to responsibly sign off.