Tax Series Software

Powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use, our web-based Tax Series Software Suite fulfills corporate tax needs throughout the calendar year, from the beginning to the very end of each cycle. With a streamlined, straightforward interface, and global collaboration and real-time tracking as goals at every step, Tax Series Software provides comprehensive and full support for tax management and personnel.

Tax Series Compliance Suite

Provides intuitive navigation along with a high level of efficiency for producing tax returns. Integrated with the provision and data collection functions of Tax Series, TTI Compliance products enable clients to maximize output with minimal input.

Tax Series Provision Suite

A powerful and comprehensive solution designed to handle global provision calculations quickly, efficiently and transparently within the short timeframe allotted to corporations for SEC corporations. Integrated with the Tax Series global data collection and compliance modules.

Tax Series AuditTracker

Streamlines the tax audit and documentation process by integrating it into the compliance and provision processes. Manages the audit workflow and response process, status tracking, risk assessment, document retrieval and retention, and the review process.

Tax Series eDataCollector

Easy-to-use web-native data collection service which allows for global collaboration between a large number of participants, real-time status tracking integration of compliance and provision processes, and real-time, flexible reporting across multiple entities.

Tax Series eLegalDirectory

An entity management tool which allows corporate tax personnel to store, update, and import corporate ownership information. Maintains a database of legal entity information that can be shared between users all over the globe.

Tax Series eTaxCalendar

Empowers tax managers with the ability to manage, assess, and ultimately minimize global tax compliance risk. A true web-native, feature-rich product which allows businesses to manage all important tax dates and deadlines throughout the calendar year.

Tax Series Executive Portal

Transforms large sets of tax data into useful business intelligence for corporate tax personnel, providing evidence and numbers to more intelligently guide important business decisions for business managers and executives.