Tax Series Compliance Suite

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Domestic Compliance Overview

Tax Series Federal Compliance module provides intuitive navigation that provides a high level of efficiency for producing tax returns. Integrated with the provision and data collection functions of Tax Series, TTI Compliance products enable clients to maximize efficiency with minimal efforts.

TTI’s State Compliance module simplifies the state tax compliance process by providing mass processing capability while granting users the flexibility to handle complex state computations. It also offers the flexibility to calculate the state tax liability for any number of states within a single workpaper.

TTI offers several products to streamline your domestic compliance efforts, including e1120™ for domestic corporations and e1065™ for domestic partnerships.

Domestic Compliance Modules

International Compliance Overview

International tax modules e5471™, e8865™, and e1118™ have been recognized for their unparalleled dominance in the industry. Together, they are the most advanced international tax suite of products available on the market.

These modules provide the most comprehensive set of tax rules for international tax including look-through capability for income characterization and expense apportionments, calculation of Subpart F Income, maintenance of E&P and tax attributes, calculation of foreign tax credits, and much more.

Coupled with our fully integrated foreign data collection package and task tracking modules, the Tax Series International Modules can simplify the international compliance process for even the largest corporations.

International Compliance Modules