Tax Series AuditTracker

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"Streamline and easily manage your tax audit and documentation process."

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Software Overview

AuditTracker streamlines the tax audit processes and various adversarial proceedings by helping to manage the audit workflow and response process, status tracking, risk assessment, document retrieval and retention, and the review process.

Due to the time lag between the filing of tax returns and the start of an audit, finding supporting documentation can be very difficult and time consuming. An audit may begin three or more years after a return is filed and the completion of that audit may not happen until several years after that.

AuditTracker streamlines the documentation process by integrating it into the compliance and provision processes, thereby enhancing tax audit processes and various adversarial proceedings. Our software enables your company to respond quickly and effectively to any audit out of the blue.

Benefits and Features

  • Audit Intelligence
    Provides intrinsic support for a wide variety of issues that could potentially impact the outcome of an audit. This includes support for Revenue Agent Report (RAR), Information Document Request (IDR), Form 5701 (Notice of Proposed Adjustment), and internal audit adjustments.

  • Status Tracking
    Built-in status tracking and project management features make it easy to stay on top of upcoming deadlines. Automated e-mail notifications notify key participants of pending requests in order sustain a desirable rate of processing. Built-in risk assessment features help users measure and quantify the pending impact of audit adjustments.

  • Flexible Searching
    A flexible document search capability makes it easy to find all supporting documentation and workpapers. All documentation and history is available to users just three clicks away.

  • Document Retention
    Automates and simplifies the burden of document retention and maintaining document history. Can preserve and retrieve the original tax returns and supporting documents.

  • Multi-Jurisdiction
    Can assess the impact of conceding an issue from one jurisdiction on other jurisdictions and therefore quantify impact on the overall tax liability.

  • Participant Profiling
    Allows users to keep track of audit issues by both company and counter-party participants. Over time, this provides the scoring of audit successes and failures of each participant and audit issue, thereby providing intelligence which allows companies to make decisions on how to structure their audit defense teams in the future.

  • Customizable Features
    • Allows for compliance software integration
    • Provides digital document retention
    • Allows users to define document types
    • Provides user-defined status detail
    • Provides user-defined reports based on search criteria
    • Allows for easy document retrieval with Microsoft Excel®, Adobe Acrobat® and others
    • Grants extensible document and process support
    • Provides built-in e-mail notification (for all e-mail systems)