eFileReviewer Service

Part of Tax Technologies Corporate Tax Services
"Respond to the risk of tax return inaccuracies promptly, efficiently, and thoroughly."

Service Overview

Our eFileReviewer Service is an e-file review service which allows taxpayers to effectively review, reveal, and remedy the content of their transmission prior to e-filing with the IRS, thereby avoiding any unnecessary penalties.

This service is a response to the risk of tax return inaccuracies due to the difficulties in validating content between the transmission file and paper return. These inaccuracies often directly result from corporate taxpayers assuming that their tax software will produce complete and accurate transmission files.

Unfortunately, issues often arise for a variety of reasons; for example, a deficiency in the conversion process may cause the e-file content to be out-of-sync with the paper returns.

We can produce a Tax Return Index, convert the entire content of an XML or transmission file into tax forms and supporting schedules, provide a schema validation error report, generate return diagnostic reports, and send all deliverables to you in an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

By using eFileReviewer Service, you can avoid crucial omission of critical forms from the transmission file (legal entity Form 1120, Schedule M-3, Form 5471, Form 8858, Form 8865, and Form 4797); incomplete data on critical forms such as Schedule M-3, as well as other data specifically required for e-filing; missing or incomplete supporting schedules and attachments; and inclusion of unnecessary or unintended data.

We promise to complete the review process within two days from the receipt of your transmission file.