Tax Services

Our consultants at Tax Technologies, Inc., bear years of expertise in international tax compliance and the general tax processing lifecycle. Our goal is to support your corporate tax department and optimize process efficiency. We believe in transparency, accuracy, and thoroughness, all offered under the umbrella of reasonable and affordable rates. Schedule a consultation with one of our representatives regarding your company, and find your needs exceptionally addressed this year.

Data Management

Assistance with and improvement of the management and processing of large, complex tax-specific data sets. Formulation and implementation of better processes and data definition in order to expedite and make efficient any upcoming tax processing.

eFile Support

A specially-developed service solution for the work required at the very end of the compliance process for modern IRS e-filing. Features include any emergency service necessary should the transmission file be rejected, such as correction and conversion of the file.

eFileReviewer Service

A specially-developed review service which produces a Tax Return Index, and allows taxpayers to review, reveal, and remedy the content of their transmission file prior to e-filing with the IRS, thereby avoiding any unnecessary penalties.

Software Implementation

The provision of "best practice implementation services" for our Tax Series software suite to ensure the highest level of efficiency, and the most return from your investment. Custom-tailored based on your company’s goals, structures, and processes.


Tax Technologies, Inc. provides temporary staffing services for companies seeking highly-experienced professionals to provide consultation and assistance during the course of the corporate tax processing

Standard Return Processing

Transforms large sets of tax data into useful business intelligence for corporate tax personnel, providing evidence and numbers to more intelligently guide important business decisions for business managers and executives.