JEET – Just Enough Essential Tasks

As you know, TTI prides itself in offering integrated tax compliance and provision software – Tax Series. Tax Series enables you to work efficiently using a single platform that maximizes reuse of data from one process to another. Even with enhanced data reuse by way of integration, we are constantly looking for ways to help you maximize output using the simplest steps possible. We have designed functionality which allows you to achieve this simplicity while preserving the power of Tax Series' integrated solution.

Simplification of any page in Tax Series can be done easily by adding and removing access to hyperlinks using the existing task security profiles in Tax Series. This allows Tax Series to become "Just the right fit" software solution for your company.

Although some of you have already been using security profiles to customize Tax Series, many of you may not be aware of this functionality. Customizing Tax Series is easy and can increase efficiency in tax processing. To achieve the maximum benefit from using the security profile, TTI's Client Services team developed "JEET" (Just Enough Essential Tasks), which is a list of bare essential hyperlinks used to complete tax compliance projects and provision projects and to help you achieve "Just the right fit" use of Tax Series. Once JEET is implemented, Tax Series home pages will be simplified and display only the essential hyperlinks.

JEET profiles have been created for both users and administrators for the following Tax Series modules:

  • Domestic Compliance Including e1065, e1120, eState
  • International Compliance Including e1118, e5471, e8865
  • International Compliance Data Collection Domestic Provision International Provision

TTI offers its assistance in implementing JEET as part of its proactive service approach at no additional cost. Once implemented, it can be further modified by your client administrator to suit your individual needs. In short, we will show you how to make the process simple yet preserve the power of integration.

Please let us know if you would like to implement JEET or if you have any questions regarding this innovative approach.

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