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Our Global Corporate Tax Solutions

TTI’s flagship product, Tax Series, is an all-inclusive SaaS solution that can handle all aspects of U.S. corporate income related tasks. It handles, global data collection, U.S. corporate income tax compliance, global tax provision, multi-year tax planning, audit support, legal entity maintenance, task scheduling through tax calendar and document management in single database. The use of single database provides user ability to reuse the data imported for one purpose to be used for many other purposes. Tax Series also supports multi-year computations, thereby, making comparison reporting and multi-year tax planning easier.

TTI extended its functionalities in Tax Series to address standard reporting approach adopted by OECD and G20 countries through its initiative in BEPS. Its first implementation to large corporate client had been completed and, using that experience, TTI offers standard BEPS software solution to multinational corporations that are faced with the daunting task of BEPS reporting compliance requirements.

TTI was first established in January of 2000 with the goal of building a high-quality streamlined global tax management software. Since then, TTI has grown rapidly, expanding its presence to India as well as the U.S. with over 300 employees. It has enjoyed its organic growth through client focused delivery of its software and service solutions.

Today, TTI provides SaaS solutions to corporations of all sizes, in every country around the world. We have clients with over 2,000 respective users globally using Tax Series on a quarterly basis for data collection, tax planning, compliance reporting, and provision reporting.

About Our Team

JD Choi, President and CEO

JD Choi is President and CEO as well as a co-founder of Tax Technologies, Inc. As President and CEO, JD provides TTI’s strategic vision, which is to make TTI a “guiding light in the darkness” in many fundamental respects. From the tax business perspective, he expects TTI to provide a holistic solution – technology, service and even staffing – to help companies deal with the ever growing rigors of tax provision and compliance issues. From the perspective of growing TTI, JD plans to continue fostering positive employee relationships by helping everyone succeed in their role at TTI and rewarding each employee for his/her efforts.

As President and CEO, JD’s primary role is to meet the needs of TTI’s employees and clients. He is ultimately responsible for creating a winning corporate culture at TTI by setting the tone for building a culture that aligns with a set of core values. As the face of TTI, he provides credibility to TTI as a company that delivers on its promises by working closely with clients to assess their needs as well as to provide solutions to their problems. All of TTI’s clients have direct access to JD as he makes himself available to them any time of the day.

JD also provides the vision for Tax Series, TTI’s corporate tax management software. While all other currently marketed corporate tax software was developed through various acquisitions and put together through “Frankenstein integration”, JD’s vision for creating a single database Internet-based integrated software solution that can handle all aspects of corporate tax tasks (data collection, tax planning, tax provision, tax compliance, audit support, scheduling of tasks through a tax calendar, legal entity management and document management) came to fruition in 2000 with the release of Tax Series. His vision has led to significant benefits to clients around the world – making Tax Series a unique enterprise-level software solution.

In the late 1990s, JD anticipated that the global tax management process could be significantly improved by moving its technical platform to the Internet. The technology market labeled his vision as a “SaaS” or “Cloud” solution. Regardless of what it was called, his vision was to have an Internet-based tax software solution that allowed for global collaboration and transparency throughout all tax processes. Over the last 15 years, Tax Series has proven JD’s theory to be accurate. Built on Internet-native platform, Tax Series users are reaping the benefits of easy global collaboration in performing everyday tasks.

To this day, JD continues to actively participate in product development and client services. His motto is “If we make Tax Series better every day, Tax Series will become the best at some point.

JD graduated from the University of Texas and New York Law School. He is a member of the Texas State CPA, AICPA, ABA, and New York and New Jersey Bar associations.

Biren Patel, Vice President and COO

Biren Patel is Vice President and COO as well as a co-founder of Tax Technologies, Inc. In his roles as Vice President and COO, Biren provides unrelenting support to the development of Tax Series and to TTI as a whole.

Considered an international tax expert, Biren has been instrumental in the development and updates of Tax Series’ international tax module. As tax laws continually change, Biren’s in-depth knowledge of international tax rules has enabled Tax Series to be updated even before changes to tax law take effect so its clients can use the new logic to evaluate the effects of such tax law changes.

Biren and JD have been working together since 1996 when they served as part of Arthur Andersen LLP’s international tax software development team. Since that time, they continued to work together at Deloitte building quantitative consulting services. After leaving Deloitte, they formed TTI in 2000. From the conceptual development of TTI as an organization to today, Biren has provided unconditional support to JD as well as in all areas of TTI businesses. Biren and JD are partners who complement each other.

Biren is a CPA with MBA degree from Clemson University.

TTI employees

TTI's most important asset is its employees. They are the ones who make things happen and are responsible for delivering services to TTI's clients.

TTI has employees in two countries, U.S. and India. Employees at both locations work under the same principle – TTI is the company that provides the best financial return to each employee for their efforts. From the functional perspective, TTI’s employees work in four practice areas: Client Services, Development, Testing and Administration.

The Client Services team members provide proactive telephone support, on-site support, software implementation support, loan staff, as well as other support services to TTI's clients. Team members build their expertise in using Tax Series and tax knowledge to support the various needs of TTI's clients.

The majority of the Client Services team have an accounting and taxation background with significant proficiency in U.S. taxation. Most client services are performed by team members in two offices in the U.S. (New York and Buffalo) and India (Gandhinagar).

TTI's Development team is engaged in defining software development requirements, project planning for the development, coding and unit testing, and releasing to the Testing team. Most of the Development team consists of software engineers or subject matter experts related to taxation issues. A large portion of the U.S. Development team works remotely while the India Development team works from TTI's office in Gandhinagar, India.

The Testing team (Quality Assurance – "QA") is involved in identifying the most proficient ways to test and ensure the highest quality software is delivered to TTI’s clients. Team members are continually looking for and finding ways to make the testing process efficient while expanding the scope of testing to ensure a positive user experience.

QA team members have mixed backgrounds. Some have experience in testing software, others have accounting background, and a few have software development experiences. Most of the Tax Series testing functions are performed in TTI’s office in Gandhinagar, India along with the support of the U.S. Testing team members.

TTI's Administration team provides office support, financial services and human resource management to TTI’s employees.

TTI's success is attributable to the dedication of its employees.

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Tax Technologies, Inc. is proud to have a dedicated and diverse team of 300+ employees. TTI is a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE), certified by the NY/NJ Minority Supplier Development Council (NY & NJ MSDC), and an equal-opportunity employer that ensures reasonable accommodations for employees and applicants with a disability.

Interested in joining our team? Visit our career page for more information. TTI is a great company to work for!

TTI Offices

TTI Headquarter Contact

Phone : 866 239 4884
Address : PO Box 176, Haworth, NJ 07641

TTI New York City Office

Phone : 866 239 4884
Address : 27-28 Thomson Avenue WS5, Long Island City, NY 11101

TTI Buffalo Office

Phone : 866 239 4884
Address : 2821 Wehrle Drive, Suite 5, Williamsville, NY 14221

TTI India Office

Phone : 846 002 1054
846 002 1055
Address : KH-0, Sargassan Cross Road, SG Highway, Sargassan 382421, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India